Wanted: The best Facebook Ads Account!

iMediais proudly a Network Affiliate of Facebook in Vietnam- provides the best and professional Facebook advertising accounts with comprehensive support:

+) Your ad accounts reach your targets slowly
+) Your advertising account has problems with Facebook’s policies
+) You lack advanced skills to optimize your advertising costs
+) You are having problems with fanpage, Instagram, or other platforms like Shopify, PayPal, etc
+) You have difficulty converting PayPal or Stripe cash flow into marketing costs and goods.

iMedia is a Facebook’s premium agency that provides not only the best management support service for your Facebook ad accounts, but also offers other comprehensive services:

+) Provide the best Whitelist accounts that are stable and reach targets quickly
+) Accept all payment methods: Wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, etc
+) Provide advertising accounts without daily spending limit (daily spending limit: 5000 usd/day)
+) Answer your questions and update you on the latest happenings from Facebook and IG business
+) Support protecting customers’ assets in Facebook and IG
+) Cooperate with Facebook Partner team in organizing events to update the latest information and advertising skills on a regular basic
+) Provide policy advice, and handle violations and unpublished pages quickly
+) 24/7 customer support


Price:  http://imediavn.com/bao-gia/

Hotline: (+84)028 2253 8636

Fanpage: https://fb.com/IMediaAdvn/